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Monday, 20 June 2011

Acne Treatments Overview

Acne is an awful skin problem touching hundreds of thousands the world over, although it is more commonly associated with the Western world rather than the less well-developed nations.
This has led some people to strongly believe that it is nutrition-related, that is a persons diet can have an overall effect on the development of acne, although their is no absolute clinical proof to confirm this, it seems increasingly likely that it does, as diet can have a bearing on so many aspects of your general health and well-being, and the skin is a very sensitive organ in which other illnesses can manifest themselves.

In spite of of what triggers the issue of acne or related conditions, you should to pursue a complete skin care system to get the best rewards and to do all you can to prevent an occurrence if you are in a group that is most at risk from acne, typically teenagers and women up to the age of around forty, you need to study and apply a particular cleansing routine and stay with doggedly until the condition improves, you need determination to carry this out as half-hearted attempts or failure to stick to your chosen plan will almost certainly result in failure, and you will not achieve the desired results.

There are hundreds of acne treatments available to you, some good, some not so good, and some that are completely useless, these will be covered in some depth in later articles.

Frequently face acne is most peoples biggest and worst problem, notably because it is so visible, but it can also surface on other areas notably the neck,scalp, back and chest, and less commonly other areas of the lower body.                                                                           

It is challenging to treat because of the fact that apart from sore pimples and spots, your skin is also readily irritated, by other factors especially chemicals found in soaps and cosmetics.

An outbreak of acne tends to overlap with an increase in hormone levels hence the reason why adolescents often suffer from the condition, at a time when the body is going through some of its biggest changes into adulthood.

Hormone levels are also the reason why pregnant women and those approaching the menopause can also abruptly fall victim to acne, in one form or another.   

However it is not necessarily your hormones that can promote an outbreak. the taking of a new contraceptive tablet or using different cosmetics to those normally used may also be the cause, alcohol, caffeine and less than ideal dietary ingredients will not facilitate you combating this problem.

You have to raise the vitamin and mineral ingredient levels in your diet, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables are the key here as you are probably already aware
Vitamin A found in carrots, apricots, tomatoes and sweet potatoes and some greens will help to keep at bay the infections associated with acne.  

If you all of a sudden get acne, it is a good idea to analyze all components of your life to see if you can verify the reason for the unexpected outbreak as it can be triggered by factors less tangible, stress for instance can be a contributing cause,  If you have other underlying health problems that you are unaware of can also bring about a skin condition, excess facial hair, abnormal tiredness may also be a sign that something is not quite as it should be within your body, this is the time too see your doctor or a healthcare professional.

You may decide, particularly early on that you would like to first try a natural acne remedy, that is one that does not involve the use of powerful medications.

There are many home remedies for acne that you can try, and in a good many cases they have worked for people, so they should not be discounted out of hand, and in any event they can certainly help, and also have the benefit of being fairly inexpensive.

Acne skin care systems generally begin by trying to cut down the amount of oil on your skin, this can be  a major contributing factor to acne.  Do not be tempted to touch your face at all, this can cause bacteria to get in to the affected areas, and may eventually cause more irritation.

Instead carefully cleanse your skin twice a day, following a strict procedure, there are various ways of doing this, you can get a totally free guide to help you by using the links on this page, just enter your email and you can download it right away.                     

You should establish that your cosmetics are specially formulated to help fight acne.  You need to use oil free cosmetics, this is exceptionally important, it is better not to wear them at all but if it is unavoidable make sure the products you use is non-comedogenic, which means they will not block the pores on your skin which can worsen or even be the cause of acne. 

Your main task must be to keep your pores clear of blockages this will avoid the formation of whiteheads and blackheads that may eventually result in spots and pimples.
One method of doing this effectively is to use a all-natural face mask on a regular basis.

Watercress has plenty of vitamin A and C so is a very healthy enrichment to your salad or soup, but you can also use it to make a face mask as it is an organic antiseptic.
Blend some watercress with natural yogurt and add a couple of spoons of coarse oatmeal. Instead of your normal cleanser, apply some of this combination with cotton wool and then gently rinse off excess with tepid water after a few minutes.

Tomatoes are another organic blackhead eradicator. The juice contained therein will gently clean out as well as exfoliate the top layer of skint hereby allowing the pores to breathe properly.
Simply cut up a tomato and use the slices to cover your entire face. Lie back and relax for a about fifteen minutes, then rinse away with warm water, always pat the skin dry with a clean towel, never rub the skin with it or dry it harshly, always remember to treat your skin as gently as possible.

When considering your acne skin care solution, you may want to try a mild face peel. Some people have ultimately got clear of their acne and spots and also noticed an improvement in scarring that can be caused by acne.

Whatever method you decide to use all treatments will require the use of acne moisturizers there are a lot of these, the main differences are in their formulations, it is important to find a good one that you like and that suits your skin type, the link above will give you a list of the top ten best acne moisturizers, that are the most suitable for use.

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